Install Magento in 4 Steps

Magento can be installed using two separate methods – manual installation and Magento Softaculous Installation. Most business people prefer to use softaculous installation since it is easier to track the progress and learn more about the online store. The following are the procedures used in every installation process. Learn more about How to Sell Online

Manual Installation of Magento

Step 1: Manual Downloading of the installation package

Go to the official Magento website and download the Magento installation package manually.

Step 2: Uploading the installation package to a hosting account

The next step involves uploading the downloaded installation package to the hosting account. This is done through either an FTP client or the File Manager in the cPanel. To make your domain primary, ensure the installation package content is in the public_html folder. If you want a shared subfolder, the complete extraction of the Magento Installation Package is in the public_html/store/ folder.

Step 3: Setting up MySQL Database

Go to the cPanel and choose MySQL Databases to Create a MySQL Database for your site and assign a user to it. Ensure that the details input on installation are memorable as you will require them for the script installation.

Step 4: Finish the Installation process

  • License Agreement

After extracting the downloaded installation package, you are bound to read the company’s terms and conditions to understand what is provided and what may be required of you as a user. After fully understanding, go to the box at the bottom that’s written “I agree with the terms and conditions” and check it. After that, click on Continue to move to the next stage.

  • Localization

At this stage, you need to give information on your currency, locality and your preferred Time Zone. After this, click on the Continue button to move to the next part.

  • Configuration

The next step involves inputting the database details including the User Name, User Password, and the Database Name.  Ensure you tick the box that says “Skip Base URL validation before next step.” Proceed to click the Continue button to move on.

  • Create an Admin Account

This stage involves the creation of an admin account by entering your personal information and the preferred admin details. The Encryption Key field can be left blank, and the system will automatically generate one you can use. Finally, click on the Continue button.

  • You’re All Set

The last stage is entering the generated Encryption Key. The Encryption Key is used within the site for encryption of credit card information, passwords, and any other confidential information. After this, you will receive a notification that you have successfully installed Magento and have access to the backend and the frontend of the site.

Magento Softaculous Installation

The Magento Softaculous installation requires you to use the Softaculous auto-installer which is time efficient and allows you to install Magento in a few minutes. Experience or previous knowledge of Magento is not required for you to use this method of installation.

Go to your cPanel account and find the “Software Services” section, which is below the “Domains” and choose Softaculous from the options.  Next, click on Magento on the E-commerce category in the left-hand corner. Select ‘‘install’’ which is the blue button on the screen. This will configure Magento’s installation. You need to change a few fields at this stage including; Admin e-mail, admin username, first name and last name, and the admin password.


Delete the Magento string, to ensure that you can access the site from your site alone, from the directory field. Choose the Install button at the end of the page, and the Magento installation will be complete. At this stage, you can log in and create your Magento website.  Sell Online in India Successfully


How to Sell Online Productively

Some ideas work, while others simply do not. This also applies when selling products over the internet. Whether you are taking your business to the next level or launching a new store, knowing the secrets to running a successful business online is inevitable. Most successful online entrepreneurs have experienced the rise and fall throughout their way to becoming successful. You do not have to go through what they did, and so here they shed light on what worked for them.

Work, Work, and Work

There are millions of clients online and thousands of websites competing against you. You need to start focusing on getting visitors to your site before you can even start working on delivering what they need. To get traffic to your business, you need to make sure the site is easy to access, read through and navigate. Make it as impressive and catchy as possible. Try to catch their attention using high definition pictures and videos. Learn more Magento

Choose the right niche

Frankly speaking, when selling a product online, you do need to put all focus on products that will sell better than the other, but what the site has done to promote it. The size of your competitors also matter. If your competition is small, the better since buyers have a bigger chance of finding you. On the other hand, it means that you’ll have few potential buyers. This, therefore, calls for you to strike a balance between the size of the market and the competition.

Ease of purchase

Millions of websites sell exactly the same items as you do. This way your clients don’t have much time to spend on your site. Whenever they stumble on an obstacle on your site, they will not think twice before switching to a competitor’s site. Therefore, grab their attention within their first 10 seconds. These are the rules of thumb

  • Do not force them to register on visiting your website
  • Make navigation easy for them. Navigation should be at the top of the page.
  • Always create a short buying process, without obtaining too much information from them.

Offer excellent customer service

Assurance of quality is what every buyer needs when purchasing anything. One technique that has always worked miracles is to assure your customers that if any product bought does not work up to their expectation they will have a 100% refund guarantee.

Customers should also be guaranteed of their credit card safety. Therefore, you need to seek the services of companies like McAfee or even Symantec in helping you verify your blog or website. Better still, you can only use trusted payment systems.

Automated delivery messages should be mandatory whenever you are selling online products. This way, the buyers will be able to track their items easily.

Promote your site or blog

Having an impressive website is not what you need to succeed online. You need to entice people to purchase your products and services. A typical client will always do a research on your reliability, ask questions about your product on some forum or seek recommendations and reviews about your business on social media platforms. This, therefore, calls for you to dedicate a lot of your time to write fresh and informative content on your blog from time to time. You have to spend money advertising your blog on search engines. Encourage your clients to share links to your site on social media platforms. Install Magento in 4 Steps


It’s by following these practices that you will end up being counted among successful online entrepreneurs. Above all, always remember to do your part and be patient.


Sell Online in India Successfully

In the year 2014, Google India conducted a research and found out that there were 35 million online shoppers at the time. However, this number would increase in the next two years to about 100 million people. Factors that contribute to the growth of online shoppers in India and the rest of the world are the coverage of broadband internet and the growth and advancement of mobile phones. Entrepreneurs are now venturing online to tap into this population and sell their goods and services. If there was ever the best time to start selling products and services online in India, then this is the time.  Here you will learn the tips and tricks on how to go about this.

Calculate all the costs involved

To sell anything online, you must incur some cost. It is wise to evaluate whether you can still make any profit attending to all the costs. The costs involved include;

  • Shipping cost – Depending on the size and weight, there are various costs involved when shipping products to different India states. Find out with your courier or shipping company. Normally it will cost anything from 5% to 15% of the total cost of the product.
  • View Magento theme
  • Packaging – Different products require different packaging material. Find out which packaging material and its cost before you put your first foot forward in selling online.
  • Payment gateway fees – A gateway payment is required whenever you are setting up your store. You may be charged up to 1.5% of the total transaction. Others will need you to pay a one-off payment and annual maintenance fee.
  • Storage fee – This will depend on with the kind of product you are selling. Physical products may require storage space. Online stores such as Amazon will also charge a small storage fee.
  • Marketing cost- This is the cost you will have to incur when you are making yourself known to the world. While there are free ways to do this, more often you will have to meet the cost when dealing with paid market channels. Google’s AdWords is suitable for beginners as it also provides one with tools they need to calculate the cost.

Is it profitable to sell online?

It is good to do your math and find out more about the profitability of your new endeavor. Several formulae can be used to identify this. You are off the hook if your profit margin is positive. On the other hand, you do not have an option but to minimize your cost if the profit margin falls on the negative or is too low.

Create a digital catalog for all your products

Come up with a list of all your products in a spreadsheet, to import on e-commerce marketplaces. You can self-host your shopping cart as well. A complete spreadsheet must contain,

  • Name of the product
  • Product code
  • Description
  • Category
  • Brand
  • Selling price
  • Discounts if any
  • Color

Go ahead and get quality photographs of these commodities from at least three angles. At times you may ask the product manufacturer to provide you with these photos as they have professional and best quality pictures of their goods.

Get discovered online

Customers prefer to search online before they purchase a product. Therefore you should make sure that you have a presence online. Have descriptions of your business or products on various social media platforms or company website or blog for your clients to easily find you. Getting your website discovered online may not take a day or two and you may spend some time and money to have it there. Develop or hire a professional to design it. Optimize your company names and product so as to attract more visitors. Do not forget to use social media effectively to advertise and promote your products. How to Sell Online Productively


By following the above tips, it may only take you a little while before you start experiencing rooftop profits. You will start being featured among the most successful entrepreneurs selling online in India.